Digital Billboard FAQ

Q. Why should I advertise on a digital billboard?

A. Digital billboards are extremely different than traditional billboards. They are interactive and allow you as the client to change your message daily and allows you to advertise a call to action message versus a branding or generic message that makes your message not only relevant but timely.


Q. How long will my billboard display?

A. The industry standard hold time is six seconds (:06)  per board.


Q. Can I advertise for one month?

A. Yes, CSS has multiple packages available. Contact CSS Sales Department today to see your options.


Q. Do I have to pay for my design of the billboard?

A. No, this is a complimentary service.


Q. How quick can I change my design/artwork?

A. If you have artwork ready, the change is within 24 hours or sooner. If you need artwork, it is a 3-business day turnaround or less. If your turnaround time is not going to be met within 3 business days, your CSS Sales Representative will discuss it with you at the time of your request.